About me

Passionate about writing,

Believer in the power of words,

I want to share my work and thoughts with the world.

Here are some elements and characteristics that describe me:

Researcher/Writer: As a researcher I am known for my endless curiosity, creative ideas, and my analytic, critical, and perceptive eye. I like to write on what I observe and experience in a to-the-point and sharp fashion. Even when I write academically, I use a story-telling style. Reviewers of my academic writing have previously used the words ‘easy and enjoyable to read’ in their appraisals.

Social scientist: My academic background is quite broad as I have been educated in political science, international relations, public administration and sociology. I also have a keen interest in psychology and anthropology. As such, I define myself as a broad social scientist. In terms of topics, my interest and publications are situated in the area of identity in all forms (national, European, cosmopolitan), multiculturalism, and migration (see Publications).

Multilingual: Although English is not my native language, I have started learning it as a nine year old; I have done all my high school and undergraduate studies in English; and I have written most of my academic work in English. I am at home in five languages (Turkish, English, Dutch, French, German). This is why my posts will be in several of these languages.

Cosmopolitan: I have grown up in Istanbul, Turkey – a magical place which connects and combines the West  and East. The internalized paradoxes of growing up with such a culture, interwoven with the experience of adult life in Western Europe – in Paris, France;  Brussels, Belgium; Leiden, Utrecht and Rotterdam in the Netherlands – have only increased my personal interest in and experience with identity and its transformations.

Here is my historical baggage I take with me on my journey as a writer. I hope you enjoy the ride!

Please do not hesitate to contact me with thoughts, questions, or comments.

You can reach me at info(@)seminsuvarierol.com.

You can also follow my blog posts via facebook.

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